Aeul is a large planet with 7 natural satellites (moons) orbiting it, the planet is also home to millions of species of animals and plants

Scientific History

The planet formed around 5.00 billion years ago near the same time Earth was formed and its moons formed at a similar time as well.

Life began as early as a billion years after the forming of the planet after the seas ruled the entire planet and no continents had risen yet.

The first animals to arrive on the land of Aeul were large creatures known as Gly​ptoks which were large herbivores that had a large tough shell to protect themselves from predators

The second animals that arrived on land were predatory carnivores known as Sxkaeoull which are vicious creatures with very sharp teeth and hunted in large packs. They were quite skilled in swimming as well as flying and are direct ancestors of large vicious creatures known as NightWalkers. The name comes from the sound of their call.

The third animal to arrive was an omnivore called the Aeuliu which was a small fruit eating animal which spended most of it's time in the tall trees of Aeul. they had a diet of fruit, nuts and teeny little mice creatures called Qzxuoiulla which are rat-like creatures with large bat like wings.

All animals that thrive on Aeul have evolved from these three animals.

Religious History

In the beginning there was nothing but a endless sea, an orb of light rose from the dark waters and became Jalal, the creator. He first looked at the sea and decided that the sea would be no more and he turned it into a dark empty space. Afterwards, he looked at the empty space and decided that light should be able to brighten the dark space. He made the stars.

Making the stars, he grew fond of this new light he created and decided, worlds should be lightened by this new light and created planets. After making planets he decided that he would no longer be the only living being in existence and created his many sons and daughters.

His first daughter was Nzaquoilaa (Translated to Nebula in ancient Aeulian language), She given the gift of the future and soon went away to see the wonders her father had made in the future.

His first son was Glzctixcuui (Translated to Galacticus), He was given the gift of the universe and soon dashed away to see the many beautiful sights of the universe

His second daughter was Siizxobbha (Translated to Siobhan), She was given the gift of the past and disappeared to past to see the beginning

His second son was Aszxrtqqo (Translated to Astro), He was given the gift of present and patiently waited until his time siblings had returned so he could see the wonders they had seen.

His third daughter was Aeul (Translated to World), She was given the gift to change planets and quickly flew to her father's planets. she saw that they were only barren rocks and changed them to create fire, earth, wind and water. She kept interest in a particular planet that orbited around three suns and stayed there to perfect the planet.