Glomp! 0002

Milly is a Mu'ka with many powers and abilities gifted to her and have cursed her.

She is 15,000 years old and is the smallest of her species.

She lives on the planet and descends from the Tribe Of Stars.


During her life she produced two offspring:


-MoonShadow: Who later turned into Reincarnation; The second Nameless Soul


Milly is gifted with many powers, a few she was born with and a few she was gifted/cursed with.

-Brain Shadow - A curse which changes her personality completely and turns her into a murderous beast. she cannot control it but has a few symptoms before she turns into her darker self:

-Sweating: Suddenly begins to sweat uncontrollably

-Shaking: Starts to shake as if she was very cold

-Tears: She begins to cry

She says only one sentence before changing,

"Forgive me..."

Soul Beast - The power to release your soul animal to protect you

Dimension Teleport - A power all Mu'ka are born with. using this power will make the user fall unconscious. strangely though, Milly seems to be more affected to it than any other Mu'ka.

How it usually takes to wake up:

In Aeulian days: 3 days

In Earth days: 7 days

How long it takes Milly to wake up:

In Aeulian days: 8 days

In Earth days: 12 days