Mu'ak are large cat-like creatures that are similar in appearance to the Mu'ka but are not related in any way.


They originate from the west of Aeul which is a continent covered with thick forests and large mountains. Because of these forests, there are many predators that lurk within the forests who prey on Mu'ak.


Their appearance is similar to common house cats mainly tabby and tortoiseshell. Their eye colours most of time are a Dusty Gold. Despite the similar appearances to the North's Mu'ka they have large bushy tails not thin cat tails.


Most Mu'ak live in large tribes to protect themselves from large predators and to gather more food. There are five large tribes that currently have territory in the forest:

Tribe Of Fire - They depend on fire to scare away predators and to keep the tribe warm

Tribe Of Water - They depend on the large river nearby for food and to swim in to escape from predators

Tribe Of Leaf - They depend on trees to make fences to defend their tribe

Tribe Of Wind - They depend on the sounds and smells in the wind to find prey and to sense danger