Mu'ka are small cat-like creatures which live underground in ice burrows.

Many do not live in tribes and prefer to live on their own until the mating season arrives.


They come from the North of Aeul which is a freezing and almost barren land. To protect themselves from larger predators, they carve burrows out of the ice which makes up the whole north continent.

Mu'ka live exceptionally long lives, the oldest ever known was estimated at 1,000,000 years old.


Their appearance is always been the same for millions of years, their fur is a silvery white to blend in with snow and ice and their eye colour is always an ice blue. they have very sharp claws which are very useful for carving out burrows in the ice


Many other powers have been known to exist around Mu'ka legends:

Brain Shadow - A legend from the Tribe Of Crystal Snow which believes that the curse controls you and turns you into a murderous and dark person when fully exposed to it. the only known cure is to bring the infected person into light for 12 whole hours until they are 'released' from the curse.

The Gift Of Knowledge - A legend from the Tribe Of Cold Star from which many Shaman are gifted shortly after finished their 5000 year training.

Voice of the stars - A legend from the Tribe Of Dawn Shard which makes you able say something and have it transferred even as far away to another dimension/universe.. the power can only be used if you know who the person is.